Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Pros and Cons About Old School New Body

old school new body

The Pros and Cons About Old School New Body

Whether you are a man or woman looking for a diet and exercise plan that will help you gain muscle and lose weight then the Old School New Body is what you need. The program in the product is designed for those above 40 years of age though still applicable to people less than 40 years.The Old School New Body program is ninety minutes per week exercise routine that helps shaped the body to look youthful which incorporate the F4X Training program and OSNB Ageless Nutrition Plan.

f4x training system

Created by Steve Holman and his wife Becky Holman, after been professional fitness trainer for more than 36 years and the editor in chief at the John M Rowley while Becky have been a fitness trainer for more than 21 years, they put together their wealth of experience as a professional fitness trainer into these program to help older people look younger by gaining muscle, lose weight and boosting their metabolism with adequate nutrition while eating a well balance food.

The F4X exercise program practice in the Old School New Body program show you how to exercise and do them more efficient in timely order to achieve an amazing results.

The first phase entails fat burning exercises that will assist in shedding excess body fat and start to develop a lean body no matter your age. This phase is the most important part of the program that applicable to everybody to practice.

The second phase teaches you how to build a nice shaped body. In this phase you will discover new techniques and some modifications in phase one and more advance methods and eating habits that will help you build lean and tone your muscle.

body weight training program

While the third phase is the muscle building phase. This section is for those that really want to build their body by increasing their muscle mass. You will be exposed to nutritional meals plan that focus on helping you to gain more solid muscle mass.


  • Discover how to increase your metabolism
  • Lose fat faster and quicker
  • Learn how to look and feel 10 years younger
  • This program is suitable for both men and women
  • Revitalize your sex life
  • Get fast relief from any injury pain
  • In manual format instead of instructional video format - for easy to follow and understand.
  • The program is short but entails 20 – 30 minutes rigorous training every day, three time per week.
  • Must remain dedicated with the program before you can achieve and maintain your goal. This is the same with any other dieting or weight loss program around.
  • It requires more energy to perform each exercise, which is the purpose of losing weight and gain lean body mass.
diet and exercise plan

The “Old School New Body” is the most result pulling and effective program available for anyone really looking to have a lean and strong muscle mass body. The report is fully loaded with diet and exercise plan to fit how you really want to turn your body shape to look like.

The Old School New Body is in did a must for anyone looking to lose weight; the program is worth making an investment that won’t put hole in your wallet.


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